• What is a TrailFort?

TrailFort campers are the latest innovations in the overlanding world. Featuring unique utility functions that enhance the overlanding experience while simultaneously leaving your daily routine unencumbered. 

  •  What is it made of?

⅛” Thick 5052 series aerospace grade full aluminum construction

  • Is it compact/aerodynamic enough for daily driving?

Absolutely yes! Daily driving and aerodynamics are both core attributes that were taken into account when designing TrailFort; something that enhances your daily lifestyle, not burdens it.

  • What are the 2 small forward hatches for?

These provide access to the patent pending integrated storage tunnel which offer practical useable trunk space, which pickups lack inherently. Up off the floor of the truck bed and securely locked. 


  • What are the 3 rearward hatches for?

These provide access to the truckbed either for reaching for gear or for allowing the fresh air in. also all securely lockable. The rear hatch has a failsafe that allows it to be opened from the inside, so you don'y get locked in.


  • What is the size of the sleeping platform?

The patent pending retractable sleeping platform balances usable truck bed space when not in use by also serving as the access door to the forward tunnel storage compartment. Mid-size applications are 50 inches wide and full-size are 56” wide, both are 6.5 feet when bed is extended and 5 feet when retracted.

  • What’s with the 2 separate pop up roof sections?

This is one of the unique defining features of Trailfort: a roof dormer integrated into an already spacious pop tent. This provides the greatest internal volume of open space of any camper in its class. Because Being stuck in a wedge sucks.


  • Where are you guys located?

We are located in Loomis CA, in the foothills at the base of the famous Rubicon and lake Tahoe. 

  • How can I get a Trailfort installed?

We offer free installation if you pick up your camper at one of our authorized install partners, otherwise we can provide a freight quote. Installation is simple enough and just requires the help of a few friends to lift the camper in place.

  • How much does it weigh?

The TF Alpha weighs in around 420lbs, and the Bravo around 500lbs, no skimping out here! Solid aluminum construction, perfect balance of weight efficiency and strength. 

  • Where is it made?

Proudly designed and engineered and manufactured in California, USA.

  • What options are included?

We offer a truly complete and refined finished product, all options and powder coating seen are included at no extra cost. Of course we can deselect any of them that may not fit your specific build, also at no additional cost.