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Trailfort is the ultimate addition to your truck, one that empowers you to take-off on a whim and head for the mountains, beaches, and everything in between. Keep your gear securely stowed within this fully lockable aluminum fortress, and when you reach that perfect remote spot don’t just set up camp, set up fort!

The ultimate overlanding camper

Built Trail Tough

Aerospace grade aluminum shell construction. Powdercoated for surface durability.  Integrated structural design features that bring the function and form into perfect balance. The result: the strongest, most functional, aerodynamic, and sleek camper shell on the market.

versatility like never before

The patent pending design strikes the perfect balance of weight, size, style and function. Deliberate and purposeful attention was given to every inch of the trailfort so that it held true to this balance. Convenience, functionality, utility... like never before.

Explore without limits

TF Alpha (mid-size)

TF Bravo (full-size)

TF Delta (Rooftop)